When you first saw that I’d written a book dedicated to building your business by giving things away, you might have assumed I’d gone a little crazy. After all, you’ve heard marketer after marketer tell you that freebie seekers are the very worst. They’ve told you that if you give things away for free, your prospects will never buy from you because they’ll be trained not to buy. I’m here to tell you that’s a big fat lie.

 Watermill Productions

Zebra In A Sea Of Horses

Building your business bases on a model of giving things away. 96 Pages.

By Robin Bateman



Robin Bateman

Robin Bateman is the editor and designer of the IMM magazine with experience graphic design. He has a background in visual design and internet marketing information with a mindful but competitive approach. Robin is fueled by his passion for understanding the nuances of internet advertising. He considers herself a ‘forever student,’ eager to stay in tune with the latest internet marketing strategies and pass them on through the medium of online magazines

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Available Aug 16, 2018

Say, Cheese


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